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Research & Development

Blue-Light Abdorber

In the past, it was known that high-intensity ultraviolet light (UV-light, 240 to 380 nm) in the sunlight would cause skin lesions, material aging, and other hazards, so therefore research focused on how to absorb and block UV light was the mainstream. In recent years, more and more research reports confirm that the high-intensity blue light (380 to 480 nm) emitted by people's extensive and long-term use of LEDs will cause eye damage, and in response to this problem, the blue light absorber was born and gradually becomes valuable. In addition, the high-intensity blue light of LED and its power-saving characteristics, also blue light having better penetration from its relatively long wavelength, these characteristics can be applied into photosensitive / light-curable plastic systems. This applications require blue light absorbers to block some period of the wavelength(blue light), and Eutec team offers an efficient and excellent potentials to answer the need.


In order to meet the updated demands from the market, Eutec team has developed a series of highly efficient and durable blue-light absorbers that have won the compliment of most customers. Eutec team will move on, continue to develop based on an existing fundation, and grow with customers.