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In response to the special needs and the problems from customers, Eutec provides customized recipes and technical guidance to overcome difficulties, and to grow together with customers. Eutec firmly believes: "Eutec Chemical is Your Innovation & Partner, So far & Forever!".


PU Yellowing 


While PU soft foam is produced or processed, it often suffers from “heartburn” or discoloration due to high temperature, or yellowing due to gas from industrial exhaust gases (NOx), or inappropriate additives, or yellowing caused by the subsequent hot-press processing. In order to solve this industry problem, Eutec developed and produced a formula that can effectively prevent the yellowing of PU soft foam.



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Superior Thermal and Light Stabilizing System for Thermoplastic Polyurethanes


Appearance White to off-white powder
Melting Point 60~130°C
Loss on Drying 0.3% max
Ash Content

0.1% max

Eustab® XT-3131 is a superior effective, low-volatile, gas fade resistant and light stabilizing synergistic formulated stabilizer with high-performance thermal and light stabilizing effect for thermoplastic polyurethanes. 


Eustab® XT-3131 provides excellent protection against discoloration and change of physical properties caused by excessive heat exposure for thermoplastic polyurethanes processing, also it well protects the light stability for the final product.


The dosage level of Eustab® XT-3131 required for optimum performance should be determined in trials covering a concentration range of 0.6% ~ 2.0% alone or in combination with other synergistic additives based on resin solids.


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Superior Thermal Stabilizer for Polyols Used in The Manufacturing of Flexible Polyurethane Foams


Appearance Colorless to slightly yellowish, clear liquid
Boiling Point >200°C
Viscosity @ 40 150~300 cP
Specific Gravity @ 20



Eunox® XP-690 is a superior effective, very low-volatile and gas fade resistant synergistic formulated thermal stabilizer for polyether and polyester polyols used in the production of flexible polyurethane foams and flame retarted flexible polyurethane foams. It protects polyols against oxidation during polyols synthesis, manufacturing of flexible polyurethane foams. Eunox® XP-690 provides excellent resistance to scorch, fogging, and textile staining, also it provides outstanding resistance to foam discoloration after gas and/or light exposure.

Eunox® XP-690 is a specially synergistic formulated amine-free thermal stabilization package for polyols with the following characteristics:

Liquid form even below 0℃ for dust-free efficient handling

BHT-free and amine-free stabilization package

Excellent scorch resistance for flexible/slab stock PU foams

Reduction in VOCs

Textile/carpet stain resistance

Excellent fogging resistance

Excellent gas fade resistance

Excellent resistance to foam discoloration from light exposure

The dosage level of Eunox® XP-690 required for optimum performance should be determined in trials covering a concentration range of 0.2 ~ 1.5% alone or in combination with other synergists such as light stabilizers to further enhance product properties.